Why Firepoint?

Our Lead Generation

We’ve Mastered SEM. We offer industry-leading search engine marketing (SEM) and lead generation in areas that you choose.

Fully Transparent. All lead generation costs, performance, and results are shared with you transparently.

Scalable. Adjust your lead-gen budget as your business changes: whether you are bringing on an additional team member, or need to reduce costs for a few weeks, you can change your budget as often as you’d like. You tell us how much you want to spend, and we’ll take care of the rest.

You’re in Control. You choose your budget and the areas you want leads from. You can manage your campaigns yourself, or have us manage them for you.

Lead-Capturing IDX Search Sites

Target potential leads when they’re most interested

While searching, locally targeted users are engaged via IDX search sites designed to make searching and property discovery an enjoyable and effortless experience.

Customized with team branding

You own the front-end experience, so we place your team’s branding prominently at the top.

Simple input, simple output

Terms and filters are quickly and easily applied and adjusted for a fully custom and impressive set of results, making for a top-notch and impressive user experience.

Easily saved searches

Converting a potential lead to a legitimate lead is simple–consumers can search, see results, and are then prompted to create an account and save their search criteria for automatic updates, configurable based on their frequency preferences.

Your Leads & Sphere

Foster Repeat Business. We believe that nurturing past client relationships for repeat business and referrals is just as critical to success as generating new leads. Our system is designed to help you stay on top of both.

Don’t just generate more leads; find out where you’re missing opportunities. If you’re struggling with lead conversion, we can help you patch the holes and automate the process to make your business more efficient.

One system to rule them all. Point all of your lead sources at Firepoint so everything is managed in one place (Trulia, Zillow, Brokerage Leads, etc).

Centralized Contacts. Keep track of your entire database and everything you need to follow-up with in one place: children, birthdays, hobbies, and much more.

Lead Distribution

Routing leads to your team is as simple or robust as you want it to be; trust that your leads are going to whoever will convert them best.

  • Set up a simple round-robin or distribute leads to as many team members as you want based on weighting, lead source, day of the week, price point, location, and more.

  • Assign leads simultaneously to different types of users, including agents, lenders, and inside sales agents — all at the same time.

  • Seamless Integration. Distribute leads from your other lead sources in real-time with the same amount of customization options.

Workflows & Drip Campaigns

Automate Tasks and Reminders. Never worry about if your team knows what to do and when. “Set it and forget it” campaigns can send timed emails and create tasks for your team.

Preloaded, Professional Content. Customize our 20 pre-loaded workflows built and used by industry leaders to your needs. Under contracts, coming soon listings, after closing follow-ups — the sky’s the limit.

Work the Way you Want. Assign a single person or a team to every lead — multiple agents, support staff, lenders, etc — anything goes. Set up the system in a way that works best for you.

Detailed Lead History

Protect Your Investment. View the detailed history of each communication, activity, and task for every lead, ever. Track emails between your team and leads. See each search, property view, click, favorite, and more.

Every Change Tracked. Whenever a team member changes a lead (e.g. lead source, emails, phone numbers, etc.) it’s logged, so you can see every change that has ever been made (and no changes are lost or hidden).

Team Accountability

Identify Problems Quickly.

Are your team members staying on top of their leads? Quickly see at a high level or in greater detail how your agents, lenders, and staff are doing, and identify red flags and bottlenecks.

Keep Them Accountable.

Have your team members viewed a new lead yet? Do they have any overdue tasks? How regularly do they use the system? How many calls did they make? These answers and more are at your fingertips at any time.

Detailed Transaction Information

Detailed History. See all of your closings and client history in the same place where you manage the rest of your business. Record detailed transaction information like gross commission income and how much money you took home after splits.

Business Reporting

  • Spend with Confidence.

    If you’re spending money on marketing and lead generation, you should be able to see exactly where it’s going. With Firepoint, we track your spending and income on every lead source in detail, so you can see which lead sources are making you money and which ones you should cut back on.

  • Sophisticated Metrics.

    By comparing when a lead was generated to when you were actually paid, we show you groundbreaking reports on important business metrics like Return On Investment, Cash Conversion Cycle, and more – so you can make well-informed business decisions without having financial training.

  • Compare Lead Sources.

    Easily compare lead sources against each other for even more clarity. Which website is generating the most leads? Which has the highest cost per lead? What are my buyer or listing lead sources? Are Realtor.com or Zillow.com leads more profitable? You don’t have to make assumptions anymore.

Long-Term Follow Up

Generate Referrals. Getting to the closing is just the first step of your business. We help you continue to nurture and follow up with clients until the next transaction or referral. We understand that a client’s lifetime value is where the real money is made.

Stay in Touch. Put every client on a monthly update of properties for sale in their neighborhood, schedule automated emails every few months, and use workflows to remind you when to call, send a card, or drop off a gift. Let our system remember for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

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