Lead Generation
Targeted, Scalable, No Contracts, and 100% Transparent
Team Management
Keep track of your team with our Accountability feature and automate your follow-up process so nothing falls through the cracks
See your true ROI - Know where your business is coming from, how all of your marketing dollars convert, and what gets you the greatest return.

Firepoint can replace most of the systems you currently use to manage your real estate business. Whether you’re a single agent or running one of the top teams in the nation, our support staff will help revolutionize your business by guiding your transition from multiple systems to managing your business all in one place. Once you make the switch, you won’t need to always be chasing another piece of software to get it right.



Firepoint gives you the peace of mind that you will always be on the cutting edge of real estate technology without having to buy multiple systems or spend your evenings staying current on industry software innovations...and if you ever want to grow into a real estate team, we are here to help.


From scalable lead generation with intelligent routing, to automated lead follow-up and task scheduling, to ROI and conversion reporting for all of your lead sources, Firepoint offers you everything you need to manage and grow your team in one place.

From Our Clients

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I run a large team which is driven by our Inside Sales department. Firepoint allows us to automate follow-up campaigns and tasks, and track the entire conversion process. Our Inside Sales Agents (ISA’s) can assign leads to agents, see exactly what is and isn’t being completed, and where balls might be dropping. The accountability page allows me to keep an eye on my team and see if anyone is falling behind in their work. And tracking my ROI with the reporting feature helps me sleep at night and make wise decisions about future spending.  
Chad Madlom#1 Real Estate Agent in Colorado, 402 homes sold

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